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Animal Pet Law Attorney California (530) 359.8810

Attorney has been researching cases for years, and can see through the propaganda 
pushed by activists. Experienced with seizures of animals including dogs, cats, horses,
other livestock, chickens; familiar with bankruptcy hearings and relief from stay,
defense litigation with civil or criminal charges, plaintiff litigation involving banks
such as Chase Bank, abandonment and claimed deemed abandoned as seen in PC597.1
which is admittedly all based on abandoned, deemed abandoned, and forfeiture impound
costs; warrants, bad warrants, post seizure hearings, dangerous dog hearings. Can almost
guarantee, attorney will know more about animal rights, animal groups, and animal law
litigation than the District Attorney.


  In most cases, non profits are in it to make money, despite their
claims they can't make any money?  They want to:

1.  Eliminate competition of others selling animals, so they want to shut down pet stores

2.  Claim to care about the animals but do not give them away for free.
      In fact, they charge more for puppies, purebreds, and highly sought-after breeds.

3.  May force you to sign contracts claiming they own the dog but you're just
contracting to own it. 

4.  Probably do not have proper liability insurance, and probably do not have
their non profit board set up correctly.

5.  Will use propaganda for make people think they know everything when
usually, no one in the group is a professional dog trainer, behaviorist, or anything
akin to knowing animal husbandry.

6.  There are exceptions, some groups are ok. Using foster homes is good as long
as that's what they are actually doing.

7.  Having done rescue for years ourselves, we don't recommend rescued pets
(especially dogs) for those who are novice owners. Many rescued dogs have little
to no training, bad habits, and sometimes bad temperament.  

While there is nothing wrong with so-called adoption of pets, many people don't realize
that shelter animals are often recycled to the point of sometimes 50%-- meaning they
get returned because the owner couldn't or didn't want to keep the animal.

Examples below of our Online Animal+Pet Law Legal, Criminal defense, legal documents, 
cases, animal cases, civil cases, who pushes laws that actually do not work 
for animals/owners, but causes others to become wealthy [no surprise there
eh?]...  for example, take the HSUS, as if we even needed to say it?  

There is no larger or bigger example of a group pushing animal rights, 

lobbying, marketing, and spending donation $$$ to gain deception over the 
ordinary public--than the HSUS. And that's a 
501(c)(3) which is limited by law in its lobbying.  Apparently the law is ignored. 

Attorney is able to work on cases in California and is not confined to one area or county. 
State or Federal Courts, also including Denver, Colorado Federal District Court, admitted since

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      Unbelievably, the CA legislature passed the law  soon thereafter in the next year's session...... with all of the same crappola included. Thus, a "non profit" may be in public areas selling, giving away or displaying animals, but anyone else is not allowed to do so, and would be guilty of animal "abuse."  Thus the way the law is written, being a non profit appears to say that non profits are exempt from animal abuse, yet we know that many shelters have been popped for animal abuse--- knowingly throwing, maiming, and maybe even torturing animals.
      Yet those shelters are still in existence.

      Even further, cities in Southern California are passing laws outlawing the sale of animals that are not from non profit "rescues" or non profit groups!!!

      We believe that such discrimination is not rationally based, has no factual foundation, lacks any data to support it, and is based solely on emotional hyperbole and propaganda.  Animal rights activists have continued to parlay their propaganda for decades, only now they are ramping up even faster, and using social networking to pull the wool over the younger crowds that can't think logically these days.

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